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No 6 Top Games/Adventure & No 18 Top Paid Games
in Nov 2017 at App Store PL


Great story, gameplay, and one of the hardest in the genre. Less is more on this one. Quality over quantity.

It is refreshing how little this mystery app holds my hand. Beautiful, intuitive, clever design, an interesting story and achievable but non-obvious puzzles.

Puzzle games usually lack any style. Or at least they all seem to copy each other. I absolutely loved the style/feel of this game. The story development and the imagery were fantastic.

Most enjoyable challenging puzzle in a long time! I enjoyed this app immensely and highly recommend anyone who is up for a challenge to take it on! I loved the style and inspirations this was based on. A lot of thought was put into each puzzle and hint, and unlike many, you have to work for the solutions, with nothing being a giveaway like in many puzzle apps. BRAVO 👏 to the team that put this together, I sincerely hope there will be future chapters for us to foil drevil’s plans. Please keep this work of art going!
(Katily =^•^=)

Great game, just the way I like it. Puzzles challenging yet solvable. No time limit. Test intelligence not how fast your nerves work. Stylish.

I loved this little experience. I had to come at each chapter from different angles, googling concepts and ideas, and seeing what clicked. Lots of fun. I can see the care and creativity that went into this and hope too see more from the developer soon.
(Paul No. 2)

I’ve never seen a game like this before. It is short and very challenging. But was really fun to play and had a clever story.
(Fishbowl z)

Awesomeness for geeks. Challenge the nerd in you and geek out! Surprising and actually challenging.

Short and Sweet. I loved it even if it was a little short. The puzzles were very interesting and it really simulated your brain for prior and current knowledge.

Really fun and challenging! Took me a good hour to beat it. Sometimes you have to stare at the puzzle until something clicks, but it’s rewarding when it does! Looking forward to more of these games!

If you are looking for something that’s unique and not like everything else on the Play Store, you should definitely check this out.
(Android Police)

I love Hydropuzzle but man it makes me feel stupid!
(Robert Megone)

A jaw-dropping good time. This game is SO GOOD! Literally the only thing I want is a lengthier game.
(anonymity inc)


Hydropuzzle is obviously a labour of love. Unfortunately, if it is judged purely as a game then it falls short on most counts. The game is priced cheaply and if you are the sort of person who loves pondering over your favourite cryptic crossword then you may get some fun from Hydropuzzle. However, for the rest of us, the puzzles are just too obscure and frustrating and the structure too rigid.
(Pocket Tactics)

Good for some not for stupid people. I only got the first one. Must be dumb. I wish I was a nerd.

Too short. I’d pay for this if it was about 10 times longer. Took me around an hour to complete.
(Neil LX)

Super headache inducing, blinky, and awkward. The first puzzle is mildly interesting, the second is awful, and the third didn’t make up for the second.

What was that? Easy to solve game. I had it in like 30mins. I was really enjoying the game when it suddenly ended. WORST GAME EVER! Big disappointment…

Meeeh. It was way too complicated without hints or options to solve. Finally when you start to get how it works… the game ends!

Boring story and the puzzles made no sense.
(Worse than TV)


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