A summer heat wave, a whole city mysteriously running out of water, an enigmatic professor, an evil doctor, a brave king from some desert nation, a drunk gateman, radioactive fish, a cyber-crocodile... and YOU - tech-savvy superhero with your brain as your primary weapon. How do all these things connect? Where has all the water gone? Can you solve the mystery?

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#challenging #fun #odd #short #stylish #surreal #unique

Great game, just the way I like it. Puzzles challenging yet solvable. No time limit. Test intelligence not how fast your nerves work. Stylish. (絲隹)

If you don't mind a good challenge with puzzles that ask you to look outside the game for information or have outside knowledge, give it a try. But it is not an easy game. (App Unwrapper)

I've never seen a game like this before. It is short and very challenging. But was really fun to play and had a clever story. (Fishbowl z)

Boring story and the puzzles made no sense. Worse than TV

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Download on the App Store Get Hydropuzzle on Google Play

Available for iOS (from the App Store) and Android (from the Google Play).

The game is a tribute to Andrzej Kondratiuk's Hydrozagadka.

Similar (and better) games: Device 6, Unmemory.


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