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TIL: February 2022 (Jan 2022)
TIL: April 2020 (Apr 2020)
TIL: March 2020 (Mar 2020)
TIL: February 2020 (Feb 2020)
How to use Appleā€™s SF Mono font in Visual Code Studio (Nov 2018)
Random MySQL optimization tips (Feb 2016)
Optimizing for mobile (in a nutshell) (Feb 2016)
Mac OS X: Tweaking 'Open With' (Aug 2015)
HTTP Cache: stale-while-revalidate and stale-if-error (Mar 2015)
From Relational to NoSQL in a nutshell (Nov 2014)
PHP opcache refresh when deploying using symlinks in nginx/php-fpm environment (Nov 2014)
Preventing the Dogpile Effect (Jul 2014)
Converting hex to base-36 number with high precision (128 bit) (Mar 2014)
MySQL profiling queries (Mar 2014)
Oracle MySQL 5.6 vs Percona Server 5.5 vs MariaDB 5.5 (May 2013)
Testing on multiple devices with pow and (Feb 2013)
Nginx, Apache, Ruby, PHP all through port 80 at Mac OS X (Jan 2013)
Debugging Akamai (Nov 2012)
Doctrine: CacheProvider performance-aware adapter (May 2012)
MySQL: BLOB vs TEXT (May 2012)
PHP: Call to undefined method on tr_TR locale (Apr 2012)
Sublime Text 2: sync project side bar with active file (Jan 2012)
Internet Explorer under Linux or Mac OS X (Jan 2012)
Javascript lazy loading with dependencies (Dec 2011)
Call class method via instance in Ruby (Nov 2011)
CSS Image (Nov 2011)
Codility sample demo test (Oct 2011)
Devise: find by username OR e-mail (Sep 2011)
PHP date conversions between timezones (Sep 2011)
Avoid temporary table when using MySQL's ORDER BY (Aug 2011)
MySQL "Using index" in EXPLAIN's extra column (Aug 2011)
Doctrine2: re-usable logic in entities (Jul 2011)
Regexp: string followed by and preceded by (Jun 2011)
JavaScript inspect/dump made easy (Jun 2011)
PDO: grouping results to indexed associative array (May 2011)
PHP: accessing private members of objects of same type (May 2011)
XSS via environment variables in PHP (May 2011)
mongoid: embedded documents without object ids (Mar 2011)
Javascript: checking if variable exists (Feb 2011)
Value Object in ActiveRecord (Feb 2011)
Readable MySQL-like output in rails console or irb (Feb 2011)
Flawed anti-csrf check (Jan 2011)
will_paginate per_page in rails3 (Jan 2011)
jQuery onload event for images (Sep 2010)
PHP input data filtering in a nutshell (May 2010)
Symfony routing with and without trailing slashes (May 2010)
Conditional aggregate functions magic in MySQL (Mar 2010)
HTML e-mail best practices (Jan 2010)
PHP gettext caching workaround (Nov 2008)
HTML is a web standard FFS (Sep 2008)
Zend PHP Certification Watchouts (Aug 2008)
(not only) Internet Explorer conditional comments (Jul 2008)

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